The wedding industry has always been a passion of mine.. The moment I so long ago organised my own wedding and having the opportunity to train in makeup, I just knew it was the right step! I definitely didn’t do my own wedding, but I was so excited to start this journey!

I have always been an artist. Creative art all throughout my childhood and into my adult years gave me an outlet from my 9-5 job I was doing. To be able to look at a persons face and evaluate what will compliment them is truly an honour. Being able to work on so many different people every single day is so satisfying. No two days are the same! Once I was able to compliment my artistry with hair skills, I truly felt my calling. I love looking after brides in both aspects.
I continually train in both hair & makeup regularly to ensure that I keep up with current trends, the best products and to ensure that I am always giving my clients their best experience to date.

I hope I get to look after you and your special day.