Due to the ongoing changes and unknowns with COVID-19, conditions within these terms may need to change due to changes in the law or recommendations from state or federal health professionals.


  • All communication to take place via email or phone.
  • Trials will be held with no extra guests. Whilst this was fine previously, I need to ensure that my business adheres to the socially distance guidelines.
  • All clients to be emailed at least 48 hours prior to event outlining working conditions required by artists (see below).
  • All clients must be accounted for prior to the day to ensure artists will have enough equipment for each client/talent (i.e brushes).
  • If yourself or any of your party are unwell, please do not attend and self isolate. 


  • A QR check in for each client will be acknowledged and respected.
  • We need to maintain 4 square metres per person strictly on the day.
  • A large area will need to be allocated for hair and makeup. This may mean reserving the dining table for hair and makeup and food and drinks will need to be set up and consumed in another room.
  • For hotel preparation, two rooms may need to be booked- one for the hairstylist and one for the makeup artist.
  • Only the one person who is getting their hair or makeup done can be within the hair and makeup space at any one time.
  • Only the artist can touch products and equipment at the hair and makeup station.
  • Artist to wear a mask whilst working.
  • The artist and each client will need to thoroughly wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap then rinse before getting into the makeup chair. The artist will also do this between each client.
  • Talking in the makeup chair will need to be kept to a minimum to reduce the spread of droplets.
  • Clients must not place personal items (phone, keys and coffee/tea cups or food) in the designated hair and makeup area. 

  • Allocated time will be taken between each client to sanitise the work bench with disinfectant, remove and place used brushes into a labelled bag and set up with cleaned tools and clean brushes for the next client.
  • Artists & Talents must have access to running water. 

  • Disposables will always be used when needed and products will be decanted from their original packaging accordingly.
  • Sneezing or coughing must be done into the elbow or a tissue followed by immediate discarding of the tissue and thorough hand washing. 

  • If a talent/client arrives on set/location unwell, the hair & makeup artist reserves the right to refuse service for their own safety and wellbeing.