What products do you use?
I use only the most professional brands that are on the market. I am not loyal to any one brand for anything, and when you choose your makeup artist always ask this. I have a strong focus on sensitive skin types and I also try to ensure that all products used are animal friendly and cruelty free, if not vegan totally. Brands that I truly trust are Cinema Secrets, Face Atelier, Viseart Paris, Laura Mercier, Kryolan, Urban Decay, ByTerry and many more.

I want my makeup to last all day..
I have tried and tested so many products to ensure their longevity. I can guarentee that the only thing you will need to touch up is your lips. I never recommend a lipstick that states its long lasting as I find they are too drying on you and just make your lips look cracked.

I don’t like heavy makeup. Is light makeup still ok for  professional photography?
I personally do not believe in needing heavy makeup to get great photo’s. I pride myself on my clients feeling extremely lightweight with my products and how well they photograph. I prefer not to make a bride look like a different person, but to make my clients look like a perfected version of themselves.

Do I need to have a trial? Or can I just book your services?
I do try to recommend a trial for all my clients. I want you to be comfortable with me as a supplier for your special day. But if you really feel that you do not wish to have a trial, or its just not possible, you are not going to be pressured by me to have one.

Is there anything that I should do for either my hair or skin to prepare for my trial or special day?
Absolutely.! I cannot stress enough how essential it is to start working on your beauty routine as soon as you know when you are getting married! I thoroughly trust my products to do amazing things, but if you haven’t been looking after your skin and its playing up, my makeup can only do so much. My biggest skin advice I can give you is to drink plenty of water ALWAYS! Its your cheapest regime you will have. Also look into getting regular facials that hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. A few places I can recommend are Rationale in Emporium, Hud skin & body  in St Kilda & Australian Laser & Skin Clinics. I am not sponsored by these clinics at all, I just truly love seeing the work that comes out of their clinics!

How do trials work?
All trials are held at my studio in Brunswick. I have the perfect lighting for you to see exactly how your hair & makeup will look. So regardless of the time of your trial, you will see the true look of your hair & makeup. I offer to do trials at any time. Early mid week mornings, evenings, and weekends. But please understand that any weekend trials will be subject to change depending on whether I have weddings booked or not.

Do you do other events other than weddings?
Absolutely.! Bridal hair & makeup is only a small portion of all the types of work I do! My work can vary from editorial, commercial, special events, Halloween, débutantes, and anything else that may require makeup or hairstyling services for. You can view all my other work at BerniceMakeupArtist

Can I book you for the full day? 
Absolutely. I can come back to your event for touch ups so you are all freshened up ready for your reception.! I have also been booked to attend your wedding photography timeslot to ensure that all of your photo’s are editorially perfect.! Or really go all out and have me there from when i’m getting you ready all the way to after your vows, throughout your photoshoot making sure that every hair is in place and your makeup stays on point, to your pre wedding entry. Contact me for a quote.

How much time do you need on the day?
At the time of your trial once you know that you would like to book my services, we go over the timings of when you need to be ready, how many people you have, and then how long I need.. That way we get back to a starting point of when I will arrive.

Do I personally get you on my wedding day, and not another artist? 
I assure you that when you see all the photo’s here on my website, I have done them myself.. I take a lot of pride in my work and you can rest assured that from your trial to your wedding day I will be looking after you. If you book my services for both hair and makeup, I will sometimes bring another stylist to help me with hair.

I’m getting married overseas! Whats the chances you could be there?                                                                                                                                      Nothing would please me more than travelling overseas for your big day! I have done multiple weddings in Fiji and I understand the tropical climate and what it can do with your overall beauty look. Lets chat futher about your big day if you are heading overseas!