Struggling for Bridesmaid dress ideas?

I think the most common response I get from brides to be regarding their maids dresses is “I cant find anything!” Or “everything is so expensive!” It seems to be the bain of all brides existence. Last year I myself had a few black tie events to go to. Now, i’m not a girly girl for anyone that knows me well hahah.. I didnt really want to spend 100’s of dollars on a dress that I wasnt going to wear again. Somehow I stumbled across dress hiring. A few of them were very pigeon holed with only having very petite sizes. Now we arent all Instagram models and a size 6-8 so I kept my search on. I then found Glamcorner ! And wala! So many beautiful dresses in all different sizes!

I have now hired from Glam Corner on nearly 4 occasions and I cannot sing their praises high enough. Their customer service is EXCEPTIONAL. They have an online stylist who can assist you with your overall look. They also hire clutches, headpieces and all things undergarment. I have no affiliation with GC at all, but my personal experience has made me want to promote them to everyone. Not only for their amazing customer service and quality of outfits, but just how much easier your life is when you are trying to stick to a budget that is already blowing out.  

So what are you waiting for? Go search all their dresses before you invest in costly bridesmaids dresses that your girls are not going to wear again! (seriously.. they are just being nice) Have you already used Glamcorner before? Have you had a great experience?