Wedding season is nearly here!

Yes it’s pretty chilly outside! Yes it’s hard to maintain a regime of good skin workouts and water intake in chilly weather, but this is like gym! We get our summer bodies in winter! So if you are getting married in the beautiful season of Spring/Summer, you need to start working towards those goals straight away!

There is only so much makeup artists can do if you haven’t been looking after your skin. Lately I have been dealing with quite dry, irritated, scaly skin. No matter how hydrating my foundation or highlighter is to skin, it just doesn’t sit well 🙁 So if you want that million dollar skin in your wedding photos that you are paying a lot for, think of paying a visit to a skin clinic to get properly analysed and to put a program in place.

With so many skin clinics out in the market today, which one do you go to? Social media really does seem to drive people to the most popular content! But is this place for you? Read reviews. Don’t be afraid to go pay a visit to the clinic.. Have a skin consult.. Work out if it is the place for you. And don’t be afraid to leave without purchasing anything if you don’t feel comfortable! I have wasted SO much money in my time being suckered into purchasing products that are just burning a hole in my pocket and are just not right for my skin. Don’t you do the same!

For me, what has worked is getting micro exfoliation, customised infusions and regular LED therapy.. I have dry, dehydrated sensitive skin. I can react a lot to so many products, so to find my holy grail, i’m so happy! In between facials I have found my god send products..

Huile 27 – Mecca Cosmetica
Mecca “Infused with a blend of nourishing botanical oils, this anti-ageing oil absorbs easily into the skin to help generate cellular renewal and soothe sensitive, stressed out skin. Rich in vitamins A and E, the facial oil also reinforces the skin’s natural lipid barrier and helps to impart a radiant glow. Skin appears hydrated, smoothed, luminous and more healthy-looking. The versatile properties of this oil also mean it can be use

d on hair and on the body for hydration and anti-ageing benefits.”

I use this both morning and night and mix it into my moisturiser. The morning one I use fewer drops or else it can make your mascara get a bit panda eye. But night time I definitely add more drops in.




La Roche Prosay – Priceline
La Roche Prosay “Dry intolerant skin. Its formula concentrated in La Roche-Posay thermal spring water soothes the tight, burning, pulling sensations found in intolerant skin. Its creamy texture, enriched in lipid-replenishing shea butter, intensely nourishes the skin and restores comfort. Strict formula charter, with a minimum number of ingredients to limit allergy risks. Fragrance-free, preservative-free, paraben-free. Non-comedogenic.


I received bad advice once from a clinic that put me on way too many active products all at once and it caused me to break out with rosacea, broken capillaries and STILL dry! My face hurt so much and I constantly felt sunburnt.. Not great.. Once I saw my dermatologist he told me off and said I need to make it simple! So put me onto La Roche and I have not looked back!







Dr Dennis Goss Exfoliating pads – Mecca Cosmetica 
Mecca says “Ideal for sensitive and fragile skin types, this two-step exfoliation treatment gently polishes away dead skin with willow bark extract and lactic and mandelic acids. The look of pore size is reduced, the complexion appears brighter and a surge of hydrating & nourishing anti-ageing ingredients are

delivered to the skin.”

Ok.. So there are three ranges in these pads. The standard orange pack is the Universal daily peels. I find these way too strong for my skin so have avoided them. Maybe best for someone who has tougher skin than mine can handle it!

The red pack is Extra strength daily peel. Funnily enough I can withstand these ones so much more even though they are stronger! Not sure why haha.. Not bad, but still strong.

These on the right are my favourite. The Ultra gentle Daily peel. So much more gentle on my skin and could be used daily. But since I still get quite reactive I use roughly every 4-7 days. Your skin just feels so much cleaner, brighter and glowing like crazy! Big thumbs up!



All the above has been based on someone who has sensitive/dry skin. Please speak to a specialist if you have oily or acne prone skin and get sorted for what is best for your skin type. I am not a beauty therapy or skin specialist by any means, my above recommendations is what works for me! Good luck with getting your skin picture perfect for your big day!